Writer’s Resources

www.MariChristie.info: Services for authors: editing, formatting, cover design
www.microcerpt.com: A universe of excerpts (including a whole bunch of mine)

General Regency sites
Jane Austen’s World
Cheryl Bolen’s Regency Ramblings

Regency Names and Naming (People and Places)
Diane Gaston: What Is In A Name?
Jo Beverly Regency Names
Peerages in Order of Precedence (This is a great site for pulling apart pieces of names to create new nobles from thin air.)
List of generic forms in place names in the United Kingdom and Ireland (Same here, but for places, not people)

Regency Parties and Entertainments
Wonderful video description of how one produced a ball in Jane Austen’s era, including setting, costumes, food, and music.

Regency Fashion
Kristen Koster Primer on Men’s Regency Fashion.
Word Wenches: Undressing your Hero.
Jessamyn’s Regency Costume Companion.

Regency Money and Costs
Regency England: Money Makes the World Go ‘Round.

More to come, as I sort through my Bookmarks.

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