August Daily Brainstorming – Plot

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Consider the antagonist from your work-in-progress or an upcoming fiction book…


What is the antagonist’s primary goal? What will they gain if they reach the goal? What will they lose?


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1 thought on “August Daily Brainstorming – Plot

  1. My most interesting villain to this point is a manipulative fiend, literally, but there have been enough svengali types in RL and fiction that this isn’t as weird as his race. He wants power, he wants to be the power behind the throne where he’s protected both by being in the shadows of the more prominent figurehead, and by the fact that the patsy, er, figurehead is a good person and won’t attract the more dedicated rebel types. Slowly corrupting the patsy is a part-time hobby, but his main goal is political power and the magical power he can absorb from the masses. (Whatever the patsy does is far less important than the magical power, the patsy is literally his pet)
    If he gets this power, he can defeat the demon powers that bound him to the mortal plane after he lost a massive battle. Power in mortal lands is just for fun, he likes having fun. He’s going to lose his pet, one way or the other, and not even he is sure if there is more than fondness.


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