August Daily Brainstorming – Setting

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I am choosing a random monthly winner from all commenters who answer brainstorming prompts from Brainstorm Your Book.

Pick a setting, any setting, from your work-in-progress or an upcoming fiction book…


Describe the rural and urban landscapes.


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1 thought on “August Daily Brainstorming – Setting

  1. Rural or urban? The setting I most particularly like in my one WIP is as far as you can get from rural, so it probably rates as urban. The setting is a huge prison ship that makes a circuit of the worlds of some interstellar alliance and at the end of each circuit drops the prisoners off (permanently) into exile on a prison world. (not many travel to other planets) Now the crimes that warrant the large cost of such incarceration are different from world to world, so not all the prisoners are hardened criminals by our standards. The crew includes people i mental health to help these exiles adapt. The crew and prisoners are in separate sealed off ship sections, with things like skype, drones, and waldoes for interaction with the shrinks. Prisoners have to learn to get along with each other for the year or so before they get to the prison colony. The ship has the essentials of urban life: quarters, dining halls, meeting rooms(required encounter groups), rec rooms, etc… but no streets, roads, fields, sports stadiums, animals, or places to shop. So not really rural or urban.


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