Weekly Serial Poetry: Saqil pa Q’equ’mal: Light in Darkness

Today, something a little different than the usual Historical fare: Saqil pa Q’equ’mal: Light in Darkness: Poetry of the Mayan Underworld, an epic poem which will update every Wednesday for the next thirteen weeks. I will be posting on the poem’s individual page, so you can read start to finish, instead of upside-down, at your leisure. If you decide you want to read the whole poem at one sitting, it is available in print at Amazon.

If you like Historical Romance, stop by on Mondays for Lord Coventon’s Concubines, a short story sequel to La Déesse Noire: The Black Goddess, or Saturdays to read Never Kiss a Toad.

About this Book


The Mayan myths of the Popol Vuh are at once sensual and ruthless, none more so than the trials of Xibalba. In the oral and written traditions of this indigenous people, the road to the ancient underworld is well-marked, its fearsome tests legend. In a series of thirteen poems, a modern woman takes this time-honored journey through good and evil and what lies between, finding strength and refuge, union and reunion, and new purpose in primeval pleasures.

© 2016 Mari Anne Christie

I. Ch’awib’al: The Language

Early evening, slow embers trickle
down the back of her shirt.
The calluses in her shoes are tired,
and her shoulders drag.

A banyan tree ahead,
third eye
carved deep into the bark,
palms bearing down
the weight of new rain.

She makes camp beneath
the sheltered branches, tucked
into the twisted, reaching roots.

She cooks dried turkey, peccary,
beans, chayote,[1] and corn,
water from her wineskin.
Achiote[2] and yucca venom,
kik’,[3] a river of blood.

Three stones cradle
a clay pot in the burning
coals of the setting sun.

To read the rest of Section I, go to the blog page.


[1] A squash, eaten cooked or raw. (Sp.)
[2] A spice (Sp.)
[3] Blood







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