New Title Tuesday! Suzie Jay – Merry Christmas, Eve

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Merry Christmas, Eve, Suzie Jay
Genre: Chick-Lit/Romance
Release Date: November 30, 2015

final kindle versionEve Taylor, a self-confessed Christmas addict, should be at home decorating her tree and baking cookies for Santa. Instead she’s stuck in a snowed in airport the night before Christmas Eve. Another lonely Christmas seems inevitable until Grayson Parker and his two small children come barging into her life. Will Grayson be able to melt Eve’s heart in time for a Merry Christmas or will events conspire to pull them apart?

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Who first encouraged you to write, and how?
My entire life I had people telling me to write. My mother when I was writing 20 page stories at the age of 4, every teacher I ever had at school, friends, family and pretty much most people that knew me. It never struck me to make it a career though. It was just something I loved doing. I would use writing to get me out of trouble for not doing the work I should have been doing at university and at school. I would just dazzle them with bullshit and hope for the best. It usually worked so how could you not love that? I became a school teacher and spent my days forcing kids to read and write and be creative. Most of them hated it, the few that loved it made it worthwhile. Then I realized I wanted to write the stories instead of forcing students who didn’t want to.

What inspired you to write this book?
My entire life has been me training for this event. I love Christmas, I’m a grumpy bitch most of the year but come the festive season, I turn into one of those annoying Christmas caroling, hallmark movie watching, and cookie baking Christmas machine. I have a heap of Christmas traditions that I force my family to follow and partake in and I’m a bundle of irritating cheer. I needed to write a Christmas book, if I could make a movie, I’d do that too.

What do you think is the most important quality to cultivate to be a successful writer?

Well I’m not particularly successful at this time so I’m probably not the person that should be preaching the top ten steps to success. I am however having a ball. This writing gig is the best time of my life and I enjoy every minute of it. If I had to give you something I would say that yes it’s important to learn the writing rules and just as important to disregard them at times, get a good editor, tell the story your way but most importantly, take the business seriously but don’t take yourself too seriously. Have fun, make friends surround yourself with people you can bitch too and laugh with and have a go. Wait… did I actually answer the question?

About the Author
11079132_10153114656668930_446310047_nSuzie Jay is a writer of Romance and Chick Lit novels. She lives in Australia with her husband, children, and half a zoo of pets.

She has a teaching background (please don’t hold that against her.) but needed to escape.

Suzie is a massive foodie and used to own a business baking and decorating cupcakes and birthday cakes (How can that even be considered a job right?). Most of her books mention food, recipes, cooking, eating and some even include recipes. She just can’t help herself.

She is also a reality TV junkie and a movie buff. She claims it’s a side effect from working with teenagers for the last 10 years. She loves to read but mostly Chick Lit (romantic comedies), biographies, true stories and a little bit of romance.

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