New Title Tuesday! Jennifer Senhaji – Choosing to Dream

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Choosing to Dream, Jennifer Senhaji
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 17, 2015

Senhaji cover

Jenna Morris and Jacob Walker have finally given in to the flames of passion licking at their heels. But they’re only allowed one, blissful week together before the responsibilities of Jen’s café and Jake’s new film wrench the new lovers from each other’s arms.


Struggling to keep insecurities at bay whilst involved in a long distance relationship with one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors is tough enough. Dealing with Bethany Phillips, ex-supermodel turned actress and Jake’s new costar is almost unbearable.

They say love can move mountains, but can it bridge the gap that fame, jealously, and thousands of miles between them has caused?

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Who first encouraged you to write, and how?
My mother was an avid reader and in her youth, published a few articles in the local Irish newspaper. My whole life she encouraged me to read, pushing the works of Bronte and Austen my direction. Her favorite books were Little Women and Wuthering Heights. I was never interested. I didn’t really start reading until I was in my twenties, but then Pride and Prejudice stole my heart, and I’ve been gobbling down books ever since. I always wanted my mother to write her memoirs; read in print the stories she told me about growing up in San Francisco during World War II. I found them fascinating. She was a great story teller. She never go the chance. I think, she would be proud of me, knowing I’ve become a writer.

What inspired you to write this book?
This book is the sequel to my first novel, Sweet Dreams. I had to continue the story. I love the characters. The inspiration for the first book came from a series of reoccurring dreams I’ve had for years. One day, I woke up, drew a picture of Sweet Dreams Café, and brought a notebook to my local café to jot down some notes. The words just started flowing. Before I knew it, I had a rough (read shorthand, barely legible) first draft. I couldn’t believe it. Love and happy endings always inspire me.

What do you think is the most important quality to cultivate to be a successful writer?
A willingness to learn. I’ve learned so much since writing my first of Sweet Dreams: Leaps and bounds. A writer must have an open mind and realize there is a wealth of information to be learned from other writers. Do I believe I’m a successful writer? Yes. Not because I’ve made any substantial money on my books yet, because I haven’t. I’m successful because I enjoy it and have some amazing fans who love my books. Hearing from fans that they stayed up all night to read one of my books in one sitting because they just couldn’t put it down; that’s what success means to me.

About the Author
Senhaji authorJennifer Senhaji was born and raised in San Francisco, CA, and is married with two children. If she’s not singing along at the top of her lungs to whatever is playing on the radio, you can find her making music playlists at home on her laptop. She works full time and splits her spare time between family, reading, blogging, and writing. Other than English, Jennifer speaks Spanish, Moroccan, and a little French. She loves to travel, but doesn’t do enough of it and will weave places she has gone or wants to go into her stories. Reading has been a passion for most of her life and she loves to write. She calls herself Your Sweet and Spicy Romance Author because she loves the sweet nuances of new love, but also is a bit of a voyeur and wants to be in the bedroom when the characters finally come together.

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