Stepping Back on Sundays…

I like history a lot, or I wouldn’t have chosen it as my fictional life. As a historical novelist, I do a lot of research, but I just never seem to have the time (okay, inclination) to write it up into pretty blog posts like some of my HistFic writer friends. Therefore, I am going to start soliciting my awesome friends to post their research here to start a new feature on the blog.

I will post on Sundays, but probably not every Sunday, and I am not fussy *at all* about what era I post. You might see Regency England; you might see the American Civil War; you might see the Jazz Age. (I might be called upon to do a post of in any of these eras, but no guarantees.) But rest assured, you might also see the American and French Revolutions and the reign of Henry I and the history of European incursion into Africa. What you see might be pretty, like fashions and gardens and social graces, or ugly, like battlefield medicine or racism or deaths by torture.

What it will all have in common is that it happened before I was born in 1971.

To begin, this coming Sunday, May 10, I will feature Jacqueline Reiter’s post, titled, “Tell me I may be suddenly different”: Lady Chatham’s mysterious complaint, about the wife of the 2nd Earl of Chatham.

If you have a post in mind and would like to contribute, please fill out this form:


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