New Year, New Look, New…News!

Happy New Year to all!

You will notice I’ve set up a new look, which more closely aligns with my professional services website: If you are an author, an academic, a nonprofit, or a corporation, you can hire me for writing, editing, or design in a wide variety of situations.

Also, an announcement that has had me at the edge of my seat for at least a month now:

For the next year, a logo I designed will be the centerpiece of the Romance Writers of America Beau Monde Chapter’s “Regency Turns 80” celebration!

TBM Regency Turns 80 LogoBeau Monde was a huge part of the support system when I wrote Royal Regard, and made all the difference in getting my facts straight and having the fortitude to soldier on in times when I lacked motivation.

You can find out more about Regency Turns 80 (and the Beau Monde chapter) here:




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