New Title Tuesday! Kathryn Jane – Voices

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Voices, by Kathryn Jane
Genre: Romantic Suspense

KathrynJane_Voices_HRShe’s desperate to stop a killer….  

Rachel Meyers has been on the run long enough—hiding from more than just death. But now the murders happening around her are forcing her to take a stand and the only person she can trust to help is the man she ran away from. Her husband.

He’s desperate to have his wife back….

Quinn Meyers has spent two years searching for Rachel. Now she’s back, scared and asking for help. But Quinn wants answers. Helping her is a given, he won’t say no, but he also won’t let her go again. Not without a fight.

Desperate love…

Quinn’s body still aches for Rachel, even though he’s guarded his heart since the day she left. Her continued secrecy is tearing apart any hope of saving their marriage. But more than love is at stake if Quinn and Rachel can’t find the killer.

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Rachel studied the back of Quinn’s head. She couldn’t see much more of him as he was facing the window, his feet up on the wide ledge. It wasn’t like him to stare off into space. Dammit, she wasn’t going to feel sorry for him.

When she slammed the door, his feet hit the floor and he spun around to stare as she marched across the room and planted herself in front of his desk, hands on hips, jaw set. “Why did you leave this morning?”

His gaze moved from her heaving chest to her mouth, then back down.

“Quinn.” She stomped her foot like an angry child and wondered if a smack up alongside the head would get his attention. The smoky look in his eyes and the half-smile on his mouth left her in no doubt of where his mind had gone. And although that should have annoyed her, it made her a little warmer inside. What had Julia said? Use whatever tools you have, to get the job done.

She smiled inside at the quick mental image. Seduction was so not her.

But then her eyes met his.

Well hell.


What was the first thing you thought when you saw your published book the first time? 
OMG I did it!

When did you first decide to call yourself a writer? What prompted the decision?
In 2004 when I typed The End on my first novel length manuscript.

What is your best advice for someone just starting their first manuscript?
Make writing a daily ritual. Create a writing habit, even if it’s only 30 minutes a day.

Halfway through?
You’re awesome and amazing… keep going forward! Don’t stress over word choice or anything else. Just get words down and you can fix it later.

Just finished?
Yay! Congrats and well done!  Okay, don’t just sit there, write another one. And another. Writing is like anything else. I takes practice. You have to work at “craft” even if stories come easily for you.

The first feedback I ever got from an agent: “You are clearly a gifted storyteller, but this ms isn’t ready yet. Please, keep writing.”   I took the advice to heart and wrote three more books before I submitted again. The first book I published was the fourth book I’d written. I’m just now rewriting that first story I loved so much.

About the Author
profile beach 1Award winning author Kathryn Jane loves the ocean, talks to animals, and lives with her own Prince Charming on the beautiful west coast of Canada.



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