New Title Tuesday! Vandalia Black – Vampires Don’t Drink Coffee and Other Stories

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Vampires Don’t Drink Coffee and Other Stories, by Vandalia Black
Genre: Vampire Romance, Anthology

Vampires Front CoverOut of the night steps a figure; mysterious and dangerous, sensual and otherworldly. An individual destined to spend eternity alone, forced to hide in the shadows, preying on the innocent to survive and yet nursing a deep need for love. Is this lost and troubled soul predator or protector? Callie is mugged when walking home with her daughter and rescued by a man who is the image of her dead husband. Melissa inherits a house with a vampire living in the basement. Sabrina, a healer at the time of the Civil War, is drained of blood and left for dead by an evil vampire, then saved by his twin. Condemned to death in the seventeenth century for being possessed by a demonic presence, Katalin shocks vicar Christopher when she turns up at his church claiming he is the reincarnation of her long-lost love… With both contemporary and historical settings, this tantalizing collection of stories is a romantic feast, full of humour, passion and love.

What was the first thing you thought when you saw your published book the first time?
When I opened the box, I felt incredible, overwhelmed and unbelievably excited all at once. My first ‘proper’ book had arrived. My first thought was not particularly original… it was “Wow, they look fabulous!”

When did you first decide to call yourself a writer? What prompted the decision?
I’m not sure it was a conscious decision. After the release of A Sense of the Ridiculous, I just felt flat. The whole process had been exhausting; I was glad to be finished with it. I think the idea that perhaps, just maybe, I was a writer, crept up on me unannounced when I had a short story accepted for a UK women’s magazine and then somebody said how much they had enjoyed ASOTR.

What is your best advice for someone just starting their first manuscript?
Write what you are passionate about or that you like to read. Write for yourself and don’t expect it to be perfect. Allow the ideas to flow and don’t censor too much. Most writers put down the story as quickly as they can and polish later. Others (like me) are more measured. Do what works for you – and allow yourself to enjoy the experience.

Halfway through?
Keep going. Try to write every day, even if it’s only for a few minutes. That small something will build into a larger something. Keep believing in what you are doing. If you get stuck, write something else, such as a flash fiction piece or a short story for a competition; scribble a few ideas randomly on a piece of paper – in a circle works well to free the creative process – or bounce ideas off a friend.

Just finished?
Put the manuscript away for a month or so and reward yourself for the effort. This need not be anything big if you are on a tight budget, but it is important to recognize your achievement. Refill the creative stream by enjoying the countryside; visiting somewhere connected with a subject you’re interested in; reading; listening to music or making something, whether that be a cake, a duvet cover for the dog’s bed or something more exotic. When you return to your manuscript, you will feel refreshed and be able to view it with a fresh perspective.

About the Author
Hopeless romantic, animal lover and bookworm, Vandalia Black writes satisfying and humorous Vampire and Shape Shifter romances. As Heather King, she pens traditional, witty Regency tales and magazine short stories..

Buy at:, Amazon UK



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