On a quest for/with other authors…


I am on a quest to “Like” every author on Facebook. (I’d like to say Twitter, too, but it moves faster than I do.) It is a dubious labor of love, but given the difficulty of creating a platform, it stands to reason we should support each other, and the more I like, the more the Facebook algorithm puts in front of me. A click of the mouse is all it requires to be of use to a fellow writer (two if you prefer not to follow every author on Facebook in your News Feed).

In addition, next week, I’m going to be starting “New Title Tuesday,” when I will promote a new book and its author. (Email me if your book was published in the last three months and you would like to be featured.)

Finally, I will soon be promoting a social media campaign to encourage indie authors’ friends who say, “I would buy that book,” to actually buy it. When you see the memes (and I really hope you will), pass them along to your friends and everyone else.

List your writing-focused social media links in the comments, and I will Like/Add/Follow, etc. Then, if you are so inclined, join me in my quest.


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